Migration Memory Encounters : Queer(ing) Memory into Space (2018)

“Queer(ing) Memory Into Space” is the first thematic discussion of the Conversation Series of Migration Memory Encounters project (MME) taking place on Nov 3rd 2018 (12-4 pm) at Garaget in Malmö, Sweden.

The aim is creating a platform for a dynamic, interactive, inclusive, diverse and multiple panel discussions/talks about queer (LGBTQIA) as well as to queer space for everyone to talk.

As one of the coordinators, my tasks included organization of event framework, schedule, as well as diversity of programming.


 Sharing Dance (2015 – 2018)


Sharing Dance is a nation-wide initiative that strives to make dance accessible to all people. It aims to encourage Canadians of all ages and abilities to engage artistically, and reap the physical, social, emotional, and cultural benefits that dance provides.
I was in charge of the coordination of the Manitoba region for this program. As such, I was involved in the coordination of programming and the putting together of events.
Sharing Dance Programs:
The Royal Winnipeg Ballet School offers 16 weeks of free Creative Movement programming to schools in neighbourhoods designated as low-income by the Government of Canada. They offer not only programming within these schools, tailored to their schedules, but also participation in two events including travel to and from these events. They also offer similar programming in organizations that cater to youth, such as the Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada. Lastly, Sharing Dance also offers programming to people with different abilities both mental and physical.
As coordinator of the Sharing Dance Programs, my tasks included:
-Creating, building and maintaining strong stakeholder relations (participating schools and organizations as well as National partners and funders)
-Coordinating the ground-level logistics of the program, (example: who is teaching, when, where, and with what resources?)
-Collaborate with all departments of the Royal Winnipeg Ballet to fulfill required tasks.
-Provide annual growth of Sharing Dance program participation.
Sharing Dance Day:
Sharing Dance Day is the celebratory day of Sharing Dance and the nation’s largest dance party.  In 2018, thousands of Canadians participated in Sharing Dance events across Canada. In Winnipeg, near to 900 people participated in 2018. As coordinator, I was in charge of organizing Sharing Dance Day Winnipeg as well as other small events throughout the year. For Sharing Dance Day, my tasks included:
– Booking a venue suitable for the secure attendance of hundreds of children, adults, and people with different abilities.
– Coordinating the transportation, arrival, and departure of the participants.
– Working with a budget to create an engaging activity and performance filled-day for the participants.
-Making sure the event activities and performances are diverse, community-oriented,  and accessible to all participants.
This year, I am very happy to be participating in a different manner! In collaboration with Esie Mensah, a contemporary African dance artist based in Toronto, I had the opportunity to create the 2019 Sharing Dance Routine.


First Steps Choreographic Competition (2016 – 2018)

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First Steps is choreographic incubator, performance series, and competition for students of the Royal Winnipeg Ballet School Professional Division, Aspirant Program, and Teacher Training Program. Over the course of six months, participants fully realize a choreographic piece, choosing dancers, costume, style, theme, music, lighting, props, and even creating a bio and a description of their piece. These pieces are then presented in a competition format to a jury consisting of local dance leaders.

As coordinator, I not only organized the final shows including front of house, tech, and the jury, but also guided the participants through this six month process. This included organizing weekly studio time, workshops, artistic mentoring, and support from departments of the RWB organization such as Marketing, Production, Wardrobe, and Development.  I also was in charge of introducing the grade 9 year to their first new creation with a choreographer.

As a past participant of this program as well as coordinator, I strongly believe in this type of project-based education and choreographic mentoring for emerging artists. Enabling students to make their own artistic decisions builds artists who are multi-disciplinary and involved in the creative process rather than solely a product. The skills they learn in projects  such as these will be useful no matter their future aspirations.