A graduate of the Royal Winnipeg Ballet School Professional and Aspirant Programs, as well as a participant in various contemporary programs such as Springboard Danse Montréal, Philippe Jacques works as a choreographer, dance educator, dancer, and coordinator.

As an independent contemporary choreographer, Jacques firmly believes in the use of more accessible methods of dissemination, such as film (both traditional and 360) and  public performance spaces. An ardent believer in dance as a medium of connection and community, most of his projects have also been collaborations. July 2015 saw the premiere of Text Me at the Winnipeg Fringe Festival which was created with Beyond Borders ECPAT Canada, to bring attention to the issue of the sexual exploitation of children. More examples of such collaborations can be found on the choreography page. His work has been performed in Canada, Mexico, and Sweden.

As a commissioned choreographer, Jacques has created for the proscenium stage in many occasions for the Royal Winnipeg Ballet and the Royal Winnipeg Ballet School in both classical and contemporary forms. He additionally has worked in commercial settings for music videos and events, such as the David Suzuki Blue Dot Tour and for musical artist, Faouzia.

As a teacher, Jacques has worked with all levels and abilities. He has worked with students with professionals, aspiring professionals and recreational.  In his time employed by the Royal Winnipeg Ballet School (2015-2018) as Artistic Coordinator and Choreographer, he participated in Teacher Training Program courses in classical ballet and pedagogy, and gained experience teaching in the Professional Schools, as well as for newly inspired dancers in the National community outreach initiative, Sharing Dance, which he also coordinated regionally. He also teaches classes involving the embodiment of human rights concepts, created for Senator Marilou McPhedran’s university course, Adventures in Global Citizenship.

As a dancer, he has worked as a solo artist as well as project-based with companies such as Gearshifting Performance Works, Q Dance, The Royal Winnipeg Balletand with visual artist Daniel Arzola.

In 2018, Jacques worked in Malmö, Sweden, as a free-lance artist. He had the opportunity to work with Teatre Interakt as well as DansCentrum Syd and Väst.

In 2019, Jacques returned to Canada to participate in the 2019 run of Q Dance as well as in Sharing Dance Day as one of the official choreographers of the National Sharing Dance Routine, and as a choreographer for Ballet Victoria and the Royal Winnipeg Ballet School. He currently resides in Montréal, Canada.